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8U Program



8U Head Coach & Coordinator

Phone: (719) 439 3243

8U Advanced

Evaluation, Team Placement and Season Fee


8U Advanced - $799 Pay In Full (Best value, save $175) or 3 Payments of $325

  • 10/1 - $325
  • 11/1 - $325
  • 12/1 - $325
  • $250 - 365 Performance Off-Ice Fee part of *Long Term Athletic Development (LTAD)

8U Beginner/Intermediate

Evaluation, Team Placement and Season Fee


8U Beginner/Intermediate - $599 Pay In Full (Best value, save $100) or 2 Payments of $325

  • 10/1 - $325
  • 11/1 - $325
  • $250 - (Optional) 365 Performance Off-Ice Fee

Al Pedersen

Rampage Mite Director

Phone: 719-439-3243

If you are Military or part of the Mile High Mites program, contact Al Pedersen for your Discount.

*Long Term Athlete Development (LTAD) principles, allows us to integrate training, competition and recovery programming with relation to biological development so that we can fully get at a kid’s potential. To make an athlete out of a kid. Make a hockey player out of an athlete. LTAD offers equal opportunity for recreation and competition – a key to retaining younger players.

8U Season Registration (Before Player Evaluation)

Click the Button below to register for the 8U Season

The Registration "8U Program" is not currently available.

8U Membership Fee

Click the button below to register for your 8U Membership Fees

The Registration "8U Program" is not currently available.

- 8U Advanced - $450 Membership Fee

- 8U Beginner/Intermediate - $150 Membership Fee

REQUIRED DOCUMENTS - Turn into to Team Manager

Please download the following documents, fill out and submit:

  • USA Hockey Consent to Treat / Medical History Form
  • USA Hockey Participant Code of Conduct
  • Colorado Rampage Parent Code of Conduct

Print out and submit the following documents:

  • CAHA Registration
  • USA Hockey Registration receipt

Please print and fill out these forms, then turn them into Nicole Krantz or your team manager before next practice.  These are required of every player before participating in practices or training with the Colorado Rampage programs.

We also need the following documents submitted (click on the link to access):