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Edge Class and Power Skating Class


Edge Class is also included in the Monument Ice Rinks Breakfast Club Subscription



"The value of mastering your edges can not be overstated. It doesn't happen in a day or a week, but through continual repetition, quality instruction, and dedication.  When mastered, is literally a 'game changer'." Coach Pat Bingham, President and Hockey Director, Colorado Rampage


Q - What is an Edge Class "subscription"?

A - Our edge class programming works in a unique way. We offer year-round programming for our players and so offer fees in a monthly subscription model. Using this averaging of cost, it enables us to keep monthly fees extremely low for our families and breaks down the price per session to less than that of a regular stick and puck session. 

Q - How many sessions per month are scheduled for Edge Class?

A - On average, players on our membership subscription model are eligible to attend 4 sessions per month, which makes the cost per session $12.25.

Q - Can I pay by the session, and not have a subscription?

A - Yes - punch cards can be purchased online via EZ Facility - $20 per single session, $100 per 6 pack of sessions. All sessions must be pre-reserved. 

Q - Do you pro-rate or refund payments?

A - Our membership system is similar to that of a gym - we can end a membership by effectively cancelling the auto-payment at the next scheduled payment date, but we don't pro-rate or refund, because we consider the price an opportunity-based model. For those who prefer to only pay when they attend, we also have a punch card option. 

Q - What about makeup sessions for weather or other cancellations

A - Our subscription model allows us to keep the per-session rate extremely low, and the calendar builds in a buffer and adds extra sessions because months are not 28 days.  We therefore do not offer make up sessions or pro-rating for the rare occasions where we may have to cancel a session, or suspend programming for a week or two in emergency cases. If your player is unable to consistently attend sessions, we also offer a punch card system.