• Learn better edge control and balance through various movements. 
  • Proper body position 
  • Inside edges
  • Outside edges
  • Stability
  • Glide
  • Dynamic turns
  • Cuts
  • Stops, one foot and two feet
  • Mohawk turns
  • 3 turns
  • Transitions and other techniques


  • "Speed for free"
  •  Leg drive into the ice for power and increased speed, "pull away speed"
  • Forward and Backward Skating stride 
  • Proper Skating Technique 
  • Full Leg Extension and Return
  • Toe Snap
  • Arm Movement and Control 
  • Body Position
  • Balance and Control with Speed 
  • Explosive Starts
  • Powerful Strides that engage the core and leg muscles 
  • Crossovers for increased speed 
  • Turning while maintaining speed 
  • Stops with quick change of direction 


*All skaters must be assigned a level by Edge Class Coordinator

  • Open to all youth hockey players - 8U to 18U
  • Usually Saturday morning - West Rink
  • $59 Per Month Per Skater - Autopay Subscription payment (only valid for month of membership)
  • $25 Single Punch, $120 Six Punches, card system also available via EZ Facility 


Joe Stanczyk

Edge Class Coordinator