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Vizual Edge Vision Training for Athletes

Vision Training Registration Deadline Approaching For Tier 1 Players

By Colorado Rampage, 07/25/19, 10:15PM MDT


TIER 1 PLAYERS - Deadline Approaching!

*** Reminder for all Tier 1 players to register for vision training with The Edge Trainer before August 1st, to receive unlimited access to a personalized visual development program for the 2019-2020 season. ***

This unique training tool, currently used by NHL, AHL, NCAA and youth players across the country is designed to improve your core visual skills for optimal performance on and off the ice. 

The Edge Trainer makes it quick and easy to test, train and enhance your athletic vision with accessibility on all computer/ tablet devices, from anywhere with a Wifi connection. 

Remember to sign up before the deadline to receive exclusive Colorado Rampage pricing. 

Vision Training

The Colorado Rampage have a special partnership with Elite Edge. Elite Edge utilizes Vizual Edge Training, a way athletes can improve positional and spacial awareness, stick handling, passing, goalie skills and one-timer success through visual training. With an in-depth database of NHL, AHL, NCAA and youth players, Vizual Edge is able to provide detailed analysis on positional player comparisons and visual development. 

Elite Edge, Vizual Edge, Colorado Rampage, Vision Training

Through the Rampage partnership, you can sign your player up for vision training for the season.

  • $175 Special Offer for Rampage Players (Offer ends 8/1/2019)
  • Vizual Edge Evaluation, Analysis and Training
  • Edge Trainer


Get Started and see how your core visual skills stack up against the world's best.

  • Unlimited Training - Evaluate and train during and between seasons
  • Benchmarking - Comprehensive athlete benchmarking
  • Reports - In-depth review and custom player reporting
  • Support - Online and phone support throughout the subscription as needed
  • Glasses - One set of premium Vizual Edge 3D Glasses per player

Elite Edge CEO Ryan Massa

Phone: (303) 503-4372

Vizual Edge, Colorado Rampage, Vision Training