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Our In-House Program stands out from the rest. Unlike many others, we take a unique approach by dividing our group into two distinct areas: Select and Development. This allows us to tailor our focus and resources to meet the specific needs and aspirations of each player. Whether aiming for the Select Team or honing skills in the Development program, every participant receives the attention and support necessary to thrive on the ice.

  • Select Teams: In the Colorado Recreational Hockey League (CRHL), the Select Team reigns supreme, facing off against rivals across the Front Range. Every player gets their shot at making the cut for this fun and competitive squad. When our coaches spot talent, they hand out coveted invitations to join the Select Team, where only the best 15-18 skaters and 1-2 goalies make the roster. Past glory won't guarantee a spot this season — it's all about proving yourself anew each year. Additionally, it's important to note that tournament fees are not included in participation, and the number of tournaments may be limited by leadership decisions. 

  • Development Teams:  Hone their skills at Monument Ice Rinks or nearby venues whenever possible. Designed for players new to hockey or those looking to refine their abilities, these teams serve as stepping stones toward the Select Team or Travel Team in future seasons. It's a space where players can grow and evolve, preparing themselves for the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.


10U - 2014/2015

12U - 2012/2013

14U - 2010/2011

Tryout Dates

Tryouts will be held on September 14th for Selects and September 21st for all other teams.


Required Uniform Fees - Ordered and Paid for from the team store


All groups practice and play games mostly on Saturdays and Sunday

Note: ALL registrations are NON-REFUNDABLE. Thank you!

Insurance is available on all registrations and is highly recommend for coverage in case of player illness or injury etc. 

InHouse Reg 2024-25

Season Starts on September 14th (Selects)

Season Starts on September 21st (All Others)

Pay in Full - $799 (SAVE $50)

Payment Plan - $849 - ($349 upon registration, $100 per month Sept, Oct, Nov, Dec, Jan 27th)

Select Fee - $200 (invoiced upon selection)

*** All players must be registered in order to attend sessions.

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