Celebrating 20 years of Development!

The Colorado Rampage provides the best youth sport experience for boys and girls. Committed to the holistic development of each individual, the Rampage offers a pathway to develop habits that promote the highest character and athleticism, while inspiring a life-long passion and dreams of greatness. Operating as a highly structured youth hockey program sanctioned by the Colorado Amateur Hockey Association and USA Hockey, the Rampage is the only program in Colorado that operates under the same ownership as the rink facilities. With two rinks and plans for future expansion, the Rampage provides players year-round attention and access to play and improve. A professionally built and operated off-ice training gym inside the facility (365 Performance) elevates athletic performance and increases excellence on the ice. Led by an extremely experienced, highly qualified veteran staff executing a scientifically proven structured age-appropriate curriculum, the Rampage is simply the best sport option for all boys and girls in the Monument, Colorado Springs, Castle Rock, and surrounding communities. 

Player Development

Celebrating its 20th season, the Colorado Rampage is providing all members an updated and highly-structured program to maximize fun and athletic improvement, while developing an authentic passion for the game. Complimenting the Rampage curriculum is a comprehensive and ongoing coach and parent education program. 

Player files tracking annual on-ice and off-ice data, peak height velocity data, and stats will be created and maintained for 10U players and older. The purpose of player files is to track long-term development progress by amassing up to eight consecutive years of Rampage player data (9-18 years old). 

Utilizing the foundation of the American Development Model, on-ice practices are organized to maximize age-appropriate skill acquisition, and designed to include five proven elements: fun, constant decision making, challenging for all players, looks like the game, and puck touches (repetition without repetitiveness). Off-ice training is organized to maximize athleticism (agility, balance, coordination, and strength). 

At the 8U, 10U, 12U and 14U divisions, the Rampage curriculum is guided by age-specific development plans, giving coaches a detailed blueprint to teach proficiency in all necessary basic and advanced hockey skills and tactics. The Rampage coaches, age-division coordinators, the Director of Athletic Success, and the Tier-2 Director will ensure that the Rampage curriculum produces excellence in player development.  

The American Development Model

The Colorado Rampage is a long-time USA Hockey American Development Model Association.  USA Hockey Model Associations fully implement programming dedicated to age-appropriate, age-specific skill development in accordance with USA Hockey's American Development Model throughout the 8-and-Under, 10-and-Under and 12-and-Under age classifications. By implementing USA Hockey's American Development Model, the Colorado Rampage delivers more efficient skill development, produces more skilled players, and experiences an increase in player retention and advancement. The ADM is a nationwide blueprint designed specifically to help kids reach their full potential.

The Rampage Way: Growth vs. Fixed Mindsets

The Colorado Rampage is committed to a Growth Mindset only. The science of youth development and coaching methods continues to evolve and improve; always remaining at the forefront to provide players only best practices, the Rampage is evolving and improving like the science that guides its programming. Coaches believe and teach that ability and intelligence improve with effort and time. The program goal is to inspire players to develop a strong growth mindset, and the intrinsic motivation to face challenges with a positive attitude and work ethic. The Rampage Growth Mindset Only culture provides players the tools needed to achieve success in all aspects of life beyond hockey. 

"Praising the process that kids engage in: their effort, their strategies, their focus, their perseverance, their improvement. This process praise creates kids who are hardy and resilient.

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